My Story

Photo credit Jamal and Lashana Photography

Welcome! Whether you’re here because you’re curious to know more about me or are contemplating working with me on an upcoming project, I’m glad you stopped by. To introduce myself, I’d like to give you a snapshot about me. I’m a Writer, Speaker, Trainer and Personal Coach. I’m committed to living authentically and helping others to do the same both professionally and personally.

As a seasoned professional with 14+ years in senior management and/or management advisory roles and as a Sociologist (PhD), with a specialization in Social Psychology, whose research focuses on physical and mental health, I speak and write on topics related to: 1) Wellbeing, 2) Career Management and 3) Biases (i.e. sexism, racism, ableism).  I also offer training products on: 1) Personal and Corporate Wellbeing and 2) Team Building (using a 3-prong approach). I realize that sometimes a more tailored approach is needed. To meet this need I provide personal coaching services to clients who want to achieve specific personal and professional goals.

I have various personal and professional experiences related to living beyond your fears, managing under pressure and the importance of wellbeing. Just to give a you a sample:


On fear – After I finished my undergraduate degree I joined the U.S. Peace Corps, serving in Cameroon. I was one of the first Peace Corps volunteer groups to leave the country after 9/11, a time of such tragedy and fear. I was warned by many that then was not the time to live abroad, especially in a country I knew so little about. I honestly had anxieties of my own, but I knew if I chose fear then, I’d choose it again and again. So I went, and I am all the richer because of that choice.

On managing under pressure – One day as a Director of Finance and Administration for an international NGO in Chad, I woke up to gunfire. There was an attempted coup that unfolded into an extended period of unrest in the country. At the time, I was responsible for 20 direct reports.  I had to not only ensure my family’s safety, but also make sure my staff and their families were taken care of and that some operational minimums were maintained. Through strategic thinking, resourcefulness and collaboration all of my staff and their families were safe and we were able to keep the office running. To this day, I live by the management belief of “people first”.

On the importance of wellbeing – About 3 years into completing my PhD I was in terrible mental and physical shape. My body felt ill and sluggish and I found myself feeling low in spirit on a very regular basis. I had done all of the right things, amassed two nationally competitive fellowships, published articles, passed my comprehensive exams, but I felt terrible! I realized then that just as important as the achievement of any goal is taking care of yourself along the way. Self-care is imperative to a sustainable life.

These are just a few of the stories that have shaped my life and impact how I approach my work. I hope we can find time to chat more and for me to learn about your story and how I can help to enrich your, your organization’s or your social/community group’s endeavors.