Corporate Services

closeup of a survey questionnaire form and pencil

Corporate Surveys

Employees represent a valuable source of information to drive business productivity. Surveys and focus groups, if done correctly, can be an effective mechanism to gather employee knowledge. I design custom survey tools to meet the specific needs of each client, never prefabricated or straight out of the box.I offer full cycle survey services: design, implementation, analysis and post-survey action planning.

To compliment my survey work I bring the following assets:

  • Social Psychologist (PhD)
  • 15+ years in Human Resources
  • 15+ years with multinational companies
  • 7+ years in survey design


Mental Health First Aid Training

Employees spend on average 2,080 hours at work each year and the workplace is a notable source of stress for many employees, making work a primary zone of intervention for mental health. An integral part of the work of Human Resources professionals and managers is managing the mental health challenges of employees, but how many HR professionals and managers are equipped with the necessary skills to do so? 

I’m a certified trainer for Mental Health First Aid, a flagship program of the National Council for Behavioral Health. Using my more than 15 years in HR and management, my training is tailored to HR professionals and managers, equipping them with the skills necessary to manage the mental health needs of their employees. All training participants receive a certification in Mental Health First Aid. 


Managing for Wellbeing Training

There are tons of management courses available today that teach the functional skills of being a manager, but very few of them focus on fostering employee wellbeing. Having healthy, happy and productive employees is largely influenced by the manager, but most managers aren’t given the skills to manage in a way that supports the wellbeing of their employees.

Managing for Wellbeing is a signature training in my service portfolio that brings to bear the best industry knowledge and social psychological research to train managers on how to manage for employee wellbeing, while being mindful of their personal wellbeing as well. 

Individual Services


Workshops and Retreats

For professionals, being vigilant about maintaining their wellbeing is one of the first things to go out the window when their lives get busy. I offer various workshops and domestic and international retreats that teach participants key skills on how to make their wellbeing an integral part of their career strategy.

My workshops and retreats provide participants with both a strategy and a toolkit they can use to gain, reclaim and/or maintain their wellbeing as they strive to reach their personal and professional goals. Contact me for more details!


Personal Coaching

We all have goals we’d like to achieve in life, however, sometimes a little extra support and accountability is needed to get there. Using the breadth of my experiences and skills, I work in unison with individuals to create strategies and develop personal accountability mechanisms to achieve their personal and professional goals, all while keeping self-care as central to this process.