What Can I Do For You?


That’s a great question!


I’m a Wellbeing doctor (PhD)! Through writing, speaking and training I help individuals to understand the importance of their wellbeing for their lives and develop strategies to maintain it. I also help corporations to implement training programs and systems to support employee wellbeing.

Specifically I offer the following services:

  • Custom Corporate Survey Tools
  • Custom Training Programs
  • Corporate Team Building
  • HR/Organizational Design Support
  • Individual Coaching
  • Keynote Speaking

See below for more details on my offerings…

Corporate Survey Tools 


I offer custom corporate survey products built to address your most challenging corporate data needs: employee wellbeing, engagement, strategic planning, corporate culture, etc.

Employees represent a valuable source of information to drive business productivity. Surveys and focus groups, if done correctly, can be an effective mechanism to gather employee knowledge. I design custom survey tools to meet the specific needs of each client, never prefabricated or straight out of the box. 

What makes me unique?

Full cycle survey services: design, implementation, analysis and post-survey action planning

Social Psychologist (PhD)

15+ years in Human Resources

15+ years with multinational companies

7+ years in survey design




Speaking Topics

I offer a variety of speaking topics tailored to meet the needs of your community, social or corporate event. My speaking approach is engaging, interactive and uses a range of speaking and pedagogical techniques to relay key messages.



Wellbeing is a general sense of enjoying life, being happy and feeling hopeful about the future. Individuals can strive for greater wellbeing and employers can intentionally cultivate environments that encourage the wellbeing of their employees. Speaking topics for individuals address reconnecting with your right to be-well, wellbeing strategies and creating synergy in your life. Speaking topics for organizations focus on understanding the role of wellbeing for business productivity, cultivating a corporate culture of wellness and managing for employee wellbeing.



We spend on average 2,080 hours a year at work, making work a very important part of our wellbeing. There are two parts to management: 1) managing your career and 2) managing people. Managing your career is about more than what you do to make money, it’s about deciding on the kind of life you want to live and bringing your profession in alignment with that goal. Speaking topics on career management include: reimagining your life, constructing a career that supports your core values and the tools of reinvention. Speaking topics for managers include managing for employee wellbeing, the connection between employee wellbeing and business productivity and managing your own wellbeing as a manager.



Research shows that experiencing bias can have a detrimental impact on an individual’s wellbeing. Biases manifest through the conscious and subconscious display of racism, sexism, ageism, heterosexism, etc. These behaviors are present both in and out of the workplace. Speaking topics and programs focus on understanding how biases are perpetuated, understanding our own biases and how to protect your wellbeing if you experience bias.

Training Areas

At the heart of all that I do is the desire to teach, to transfer what I know to others in ways that can hopefully have a meaningful impact on their lives. My training approach is highly interactive and introspective, because the real work of learning begins with assessing your own beliefs and practices. Using a range of adult learning techniques, the goal of my trainings is to make an indelible imprint on the mindset and behaviors of the participants.



Quite often organizations conflate corporate wellness programs as employee wellbeing initiatives.  I offer corporate and individual programs on wellbeing. Corporate clients can benefit from customized employee wellbeing surveys, trainings for managers on managing the wellbeing of their employees and a roadmap for practical solutions to address existing employee wellbeing issues.

For individuals being vigilant about maintaining their wellbeing is one of the first things to go out the window when their lives get busy. Individuals can benefit from a 3 part training series, “Self-Care as Strategic Practice” focused on participants defining self-care for themselves, building a firm self-care foundation and aligning their lives to incorporate self-care in strategic ways.


Team Building

An effective team is only as good as the individual parts that make up the team and how well those parts work together. My trainings approach team building using a three prong method: 1) Workplace Wellbeing (employees), 2) Management Skills (managers) and 3) Group Dynamics (teams). I have a PhD level specialization in Social Psychology and I am a certified MBTI and Firo B facilitator, which contribute to my training program delivery capacities.


Personal Coaching

We all have goals we’d like to achieve in life, however, sometimes a little extra support and accountability is needed to get there. Using the breadth of my experiences and skills, I work in unison with individuals to create strategies and develop personal accountability mechanisms to achieve their personal and professional goals, all while keeping self-care as central to this process.