What would you do if someone was having a mental health crisis at your workplace?

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Mental Health First Aid Training for the Workplace

What is Mental Health First Aid Training for the Workplace?


What will you learn?

Understand the signs and symptoms
In the workplace mental distress is often confounded with performance issues. Understand how to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental distress in the workplace.
Decrease stigma
Stigmatization is a big problem with mental illness. Stigma creates barriers for employees to seek help, ask for support and receive the clinical services they need. The training helps to address and decrease mental health stigma in the workplace.
Learn a 5-Step Action Plan
Knowing how to support someone experiencing a mental health crisis is not intuitive, it requires a skillset that has to be cultivated. Remove the doubt, learn a 5-step action plan to guide you in administering mental health first aid to someone in the midst of crisis.


Wellbeing Works, LLC Combines


  • Social Psychology
  • Mental Health Research
  • Human Resources Experience
  • Facilitation Acumen


To provide you with a unique training experience like no other!



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